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Young Painter

Emily F.

I am absolutely loving the Seasons Arts Class at Nelson. Our wonderful hosts Heiko and Susanne have brought a fantastic program to life at Fairfield House. They are always making sure that we are having a great experience; and we are! The lessons are the perfect balance of learning, practising, and socialising. Our wonderful tutor Helen leads us step-by-step through the different materials and artworks to try that day. It's excellent for beginners as well as those more experienced. The three hours fly by and I always look forward to the next class.

Young Painter

Jill A.

I look forward to my class every week and am learning a lot about different mediums in art. Very enjoyable classes

Young Painter

Moira J.

Having never previously pursued any form of art I was truly apprehensive as to how the 14 weeks would pan out. From the outset the dialogue has always been open and honest. The handouts given at each session are extremely informative and a great endorsement to what we were taught that day. Being able to arrive at class and be indulged with all the required materials is fantastic; there are no hidden costs in this course. It’s fun, informative and a great way to be exposed to different forms of art. I may never become a “Picasso” yet I do now have a platform on which to develop further. Highly recommended

Young Painter

Margaret C.

I'm very much enjoying the Seasons Art course. I like particularly that the course has given me the confidence to experiment and explore art and the creativity it nurtures - something I probably would not have got around to if left to my own devises. Helen, Heiko and Susanne are all super supportive, passionate and encouraging which makes for an enjoyable experience

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